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When you need a plastic tank, there are so many different solutions to choose from.
Size, shape, material and construction technology (not all plastics are the same), but also which accessories to mount and where to place on tank are choices whose solution produces a good or a bad purchase.

Pre Purchase

  • assessment of the best available option

  • configuration of the size and set-up of the chosen option

  • submission of tenders from qualified suppliers

  • commissioning advice

Post Purchase

  • on-site integrity checks, both periodic and on specific need

  • indications on feasibility/modalities of modifications

  • search for leaks and restore functionality assistance


  • external examination: swelling, cracks, leakage, colour changes, loss of verticality/flatness

  • non-destructive testing: ultrasonic thickness testing, detection of cracks with penetrating fluids, examination with scintillograph

  • inspection report: operations carried out, situation found, suggestions if any


For years I have run a disposal plant for industrial wastewaters, beco-ming an expert in corrosion resistant equipment and in plastic tanks.
After working for many years with companies that makes polyethilene and polipropilene tanks, I decided to offer my expertise to those who need to store aggressi-ve/dangerous chemicals

If you need to store large amounts of liquids, you generally use tanks, either under or above ground. In ancient times, the use of natural cavities or underground cisterns was much more widespread, given the relative ease of set-up.

Plastic Tanks

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Plastic Tanks

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