Sodium Hypochlorite


Sodium Hypochlorite is a chemical product that you generally find in aqueous solution, and can be used in many fields. Water purification, civil and industrial cleaning, textile fiber treatment, sanitizing for surfaces and swimming pools are the most common. Thanks to its effective action, wide range of use, low cost, in Italy tens of millions of liters are consumed per year.


But hypochlorite is not easy to store. It exerts a very corrosive action on containers materials, both if metal or plastic. For small quantities, and low concentration, the effects are negligible, but problems arises when it is necessary to store considerable volumes (thousands and tens of thousands liters at the maximum production concentration, around 18-20%),

Metals, even stainless steel, are completely unsuitable. Only plastics have an acceptable resistance to the his chemical aggressiveness. Thermosetting plastics (GRP plastic reinforced with glass fiber) and thermoplastics (Polyethylene) are usually adopted. However, even these, although more resistant than metals, are not immune to corrosion. Over time, more or less extensive lesions may appear, up to a dangerous collapse of the entire container.

Safe keeping

There is a solution capable of making this risk negligible, and it consists of the use of a specific polimer, the high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE) and a specific technology, rotational extrusion.

HDPE, having a more branched molecular chain, is denser than normal linear PE and is less affected by the oxidizing action of hypochlorite.

The rotational extrusion, allowing to oversize the thickness of the tank in the critical points, means that, even if the plastic layer in direct contact with the product deteriorates, a sufficient amount remains intact to ensure over time the overall solidity.

A large number of cases shows that tanks of this type, used for tens of thousands of liters of Sodium Hypochlorite at the maximum concentration, can remain unaltered without problems even for decades, with minimal maintenance.

Manufacturers of detergents, wholesalers of chemical products, municipal companies, paper mills, industrial dry cleaners, etc., grappling with the need to guarantee production continuity, the value of investments, personal safety and environmental protection can therefore find an answer. effective, advantageous and safe to their needs.

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