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How I became an expert on plastic tanks

Giulimondi: Expert in plastic tanks

For years, I have been involved in management of a plant for industrial wastewater disposal. Having dealt with aggressive, dangerous, harmful and even toxic chemicals and liquids on a daily basis, I have had the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge about their treatments.

Thanks to this experience, I have dedicated myself to set up corrosion-resistant plant solutions based on the use of plastic materials.

Allibert tanks

In particular, I started a collaboration with Allibert, a French company, specialized in storage tanks construction made in PE and PP by rotational extrusion, part of an international group (first Linpac then Schoeller).

For about 10 years, commissioned by Allibert, I have provided technical assistance to Italian buyers of tanks.

I took care of placing new tanks, I set up connections with inlet and drain circuits, I made changes such as setting up, or removal, of components (nozzles, level indicators, etc.) I fixed a large amount of damages (leaks from the bottom, collapse of the roof, replacement of deteriorated nozzles, etc.).
In this way, I was able to accumulate experiences on the most appropriate way to manage a wide range of problems that plastic tanks can have during their span of life.


Zomaplast and PPA tanks

Once Allibert ceased its activity in this field, around 2018, I worked to make known other leading European producers operating in the same business (rotationally extruded PE and PP large tanks), Zomaplast, in the Czech Republic and PPA in Spain.

I have assisted customers in Italy, both for choosing the best solution for their specific needs, both to ensure them the full usability of the goods chosen.


At the same time, I continued to provide maintenance of the existing plastic tanks in industrial plants scattered around Italy, to restore their efficiency when damaged, or to implement new installations on them.

It is therefore with full awareness of the matter that today I can offer my skills to those who need to stock aggressive/dangerous chemicals.

Cisterne in Plastica

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