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Pre Purchase, After Sales and Periodic inspections


When you need a plastic tank you have a wide range of options to choose from. Which is the optimal size, or the most suitable shape and material or which accessories and how to position them are aspects whose correct solution, or not, determines the usefulness and convenience of the purchase.

Pre Purchase

When your needs are multiple and complex, for example to store very aggressive chemicals, or particular conditions to satisfy (i.e.: free space, safety, guaranteed production etc.) the most important thing becomes to choose carefully before making investments.

For example, where the existing must be replaced, it is not always possible or convenient to refer to choices already made, perhaps technology has evolved and can offer better, functional and cost-effective solutions.

And when it comes to installations from scratch, the needs must be evaluated by comparing the solutions that the market is able to offer. Weighing the advantages and limitations of each of them, so that the best compromise emerges.

A thorough examination before purchase is also useful to direct you to the most suitable and convenient supplier.



Pre-purchase, post and periodic inspections. 360° consulting

Pre Purchase

  • evaluation of the best available option

  • identification of size and layout of chosen option

  • submission of offers from qualified suppliers

  • indications for implementations

After Sales

  • on-site integrity checks, both periodic and on specific needs

  • feasibility indications for modifications/improvements

  • search for losses/leak fixing

Periodic inspections

  • External examination: swellings, cracks, leaks, discoloration, loss of verticality / planarity

  • Non-destructive checks: ultrasonic thickness check, search for cracks with penetrating fluids, Examination with a scintillograph

  • Inspection report: operations performed, assessed situation,indications and suggestions for best use

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