Quali sono le normative per i serbatoi?


Unlike other countries (Germany, Spain, Switzerland) in Italy there is no detailed regulation that prescribes how the above ground storage tanks for aggressive, harmful and/or toxic chemicals must be made, and what features they must possess.

There are partial regulations (for oils and fuels, for flammables, for liquid waste, etc.) but in general there are no regulatory requirements that indicate how tank intended for to store substances potentially dangerous for man and the environment have to be done (shapes, types, dimensions, materials, accessories, etc.). The choice is influenced by the user’s discretionary assessments, except compliance with the general criteria of diligence, prudence and safety.

The case is different in terms of use. In addition to the obligation to adopt measures to prevent dispersing contents in case of leaks, if the tank is included in a project for the construction/expansion of a site for civil, industrial and public utility purposes, and if it has certain characteristics (volumetric and/or dimensions) then it is subject to the rules on the prevention of seismic risk, contained in the Italian NTC (Technical Standards for Construction).

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